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How to Market Your Mobile App

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OK, you have just created a killer app. Now what?

Bottom Line: Get as many downloads as you can.

With over 500,000 apps available in the iTunes App Store how will your audience find your app? Your goal will be to get placement within 1 or more Apple 'Top 100' categories. How can you do this? One way is to have the most awesome, popular app you can create. One which people tell other people about it's awesomeness and cause them to download. Short of that natural success the other thing you can do is create a customized, strategic marketing plan for each of your mobile apps. You need to utilize every promotional opportunity to brand and market your app - get your name out there, create a buzz.

Marketing your app should include all of the following:

  • 1. Pre-release buzz.
  • 2. Press release at launch.
  • 3. Submission to valued, targeted review websites.
  • 4. Fully utilize social media.
  • 5. Ad placement in wide-reaching advertising networks.
  • 6. Create a support website.
  • 7. Create a YouTube video about the app.

If your app makes the Top 100 of a category GREAT! Now do as much as you can to keep it there.

Secret Giveaways

I'm giving everyone that reads this page TWO secrets that we did for all of our apps:

Secret 1 - Once a mobile app is uploaded to the iTune Store Apple gives the owner the opportunity to show 5 screenshots of the app. Why not use this opportunity to further market your app with these 5 screenshots. Create 5 mini-ads that are colorful, exciting and cause the viewer to want to download your app. The viewer is your target audience. They have gotten this far - so close to buying your app. Give them the push to click that buy button.

Secret 2 - (this one is subliminal): Depict a finger pushing a button! Don't forget to use bright colors and appealing images!