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About the Designer

If Vicki doesn't have her nose in her computer creating things for the internet you might find her walking her dog Bentley all over town or hanging out at the dog park.

Vicki started her internet career in 1998 during the height of the Dot-Com era in Silicon Valley. Her first job after graduating college (from SJSU) was for a rapidly growing dot-com startup. The startup (an SaaS) grew so fast she was first put at a desk in the hallway! No matter - the atmosphere was brilliant, fast-paced and exciting! She found herself designing websites for such companies as Cisco, Shell Oil, AMD, Cypress Semiconductor and countless other medium to small businesses.

How lucky is it to graduate college at the very place and the very time something new and exciting is taking place?

Three years ago Vicki began designing mobile apps starting with Battery Magic. Battery Magic was a huge success with over 1,000,000 downloads from Apple iPod and iPhone users. It was so successful six more apps followed in quick succession. All apps are still available in the iTunes store. If you want to see what these apps look like to get an idea of Vicki's design aesthetic you can view them by typing mynewapps.com in the search box in the iTunes store. Or you can learn more about her mobile apps by visiting MyNewMobileApps.com.

san jose state universityShe holds 2 BA's from San Jose State University -
BFA (Fine Art in Painting)
BA in Art History
           Minors in Design and Photography
She graduated cum laude and was a member of Tau Delta Phi. While a student Vicki worked on the school newspaper (The Spartan Daily) in the production department as guess what? - you got it -- an Advertising Graphic Designer.

stanford universityVicki also studied Internet Communications at Stanford University. That experience was a dream come true!

art and designHer entire life has been dedicated to art in one form or another since discovering a talent for drawing at the age of 7. (She can draw your picture if you want her to!)  She is the winner of many art competitions including:

  • 2003 - Macromedia Showcase
  • 2000 - First Place for the Digital Media Arts Program.


Click here to view some examples from her figurative sketchbook.
(warning - these are nudes!)

She loves sailing, skiing and gardening.

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Vicki is always responsible for the visual design of all of her projects, whether as a team member coordinating with other professionals or whether working independant. Vicki uses Best Practices and loves being a part of a team. The process for most projects is successful when following the basic procedures: Initial concept meetings take place to determine functionality, flow, human interaction, and Look & Feel. Vicki then puts her artistic hat on and begins the ultimate fun part for an artist: designing. Concepts are produced, meetings take place where decisions are made, and the final product is produced. She loves all parts of the creation/production process - yes even production!

Vicki feels lucky to be able to do the job she likes. She says "wake up every morning and say 'This day gives me the opportunity to accomplish something.'"


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